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Boards and bindings clean up


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Selling boards and bindings to open some room for an all mountain board.

Up For sale:

Niedecker Extreme, 161 cm, with F2 bindings. Waist 18.5 cm. Board is old, but has no more than 30 days on the snow, never machine tuned up. Bottom is in excellent condition, top – regular scratches, not bad. Extremely (funny, heh :biggthump ) nice board. Bindings are F2, also oldish. One of the center plates have been replaced with a metal one. Not perfect look, but OK bindings for a starter. BINDINGS ARE SOLD.

Rossignol, 153 cm, with Burton plate bindings (the separate picture). Waist 21 cm. Board has been ridden two times, top and bottom are in excellent condition.

Bindings are brand new. Make an offer for the bindings Bindings are SOLD.

Volkl Spline, 158 cm, with Snowpro race bindings - both SOLD. Waist 23.5 cm. Board has been ridden for five days, no scratches. Bindings are not the race bindings that are on the picture. SOLD.

Send me offers to m_peev@hotmail.com or post here. Shipping will be from zip 60480. More picture with higher quality upon request.

I am open for any reasonable offers, including trades. I have changed the boards/bindings assemblies, since the Volkl Spline was sold with the Snowpro bindings. As I said, I can add more details and pictures by request.





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Hmmmmm......I'm intrigued.... :confused: I DO like the older, skinny boards. How much would you like to get?

Shipping a board w/binders is around $30-$35.

Intrigued - understandable ;). Confused - why :lol: .

It's a great board, I like it a lot.

About the shipping - you are absolutely right. The only thing I would add is if you are shipping to Canada - than it may be just a little over.


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