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So I'm taking my Intec heels off my old boots and putting them into my new ones, and I notice that at the bottom of one cable, the plastic has broken and a bit of the cable sleeve is sticking out.

Not really a problem, I just put a bit of electrical tape around it and it fitted in the new boots AOK. But it got me thinking ... how long are the cable assemblies supposed to last? Is there any "maintenance" I should be doing on them? And how often would you recommend replacing the heels?

I'm a 15 day a season rider so gear tends to last a while ...

Also, I'm supposed to have my boots molded tonight. What do you do with the cable when you're molding them - just duct tape it to the inside of the boot? I'm guessing I'm gonna have a nice "groove" for it to sit in when the molding is done...

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The cable just sits in there when you're getting the liners molded, hold it where you want it when you stick your liner-clad feet into the shell.

As for the durability, I haven't had anything like that happen to me in the 3 years that I've had my cables, and I do absolutley zero maintenece on them...soooo...just tape 'em up and maybe throw some oil or grease on them to keep them dry? Be careful not to get anything on your liners though (that will be a good trick), as it may seep in and keep them from expanding properly when molded. I have no idea though, so take this as you will.

I am positive about what to do with the cable when molding the liners though.

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