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What we should eat for breakfast.


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The canadians don't call it "canadian bacon", they just call it bacon. Like in china it isn't called "chineese food", it's just called food :ices_ange .

:nono: Don't fully agree here....for example, french kiss :p is not just a kiss for the French! I kiss my parents to say hello but hopefully no french kiss:eek: and BTW guys, fries aren't french:o ....gosh I miss snow:smashfrea

=> surfinsmiley : got the same in China..but not usual food for breakfast:barf: I can find much worse than that anyway....

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move to jersey the best breakfast is taylor ham egg and cheese on a everything bagel


I TOTALLY agree. Last time we visited family down there we brought back about 5 pounds of the stuff and froze it. The deli in town is thinking about getting in stock :biggthump . They have good bagels and pastrami too. They even have real mustard :eek: . I think I'm gonna go there for lunch tomorrow.

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I'm from Croatia, and that's where Janica Kostelic is from. I guess you all know who she is. and she allways had bacon and onions before trainings. So that's what we should all eat :biggthump

And what I saw on those photos attached here, it's not bacon! It's just a ham! I'll post a photo of a real bacon tomorrow :D

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