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WTB: All-mountain board


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I am looking for an all-mountain board in the upper 160s. I am 188 punds and about 6"2. Any ideas? :D .

I have a bunch of boards to clear up and I'll post them on the other side :p .


Any of the Am boards from Coiler/Donek/Prior should hook you up, although I agree with Thor and would suggest trying the 170's sizes. If you ride more hardpack the Donek Axxess 172 would be my personal suggestion and if you ride more soft snow either the Coiler Am 177 or Prior 4x4 179.

I weight a few pounds more than you and did really well with the Donek 172; I borrowed a Coiler 177 at SES last year for the Thursday freshies and really dug that too.

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Thanks Mike and Thor,

I toally agree that 160s would be a little short for me. On the other hand, my considerations for that are:

I had a RT 173 GS and I think it was a bit too stiff for me. I injured my front knee very badly without any falls. Next, I have also a RT 168 GS and I love it. It's not too stiff and feels great.

Still, I think, I am in the right place to get the right advises and..............hopefully, the right board :biggthump .

L8r ;) ,


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Guest CKnauss

I have a Volkl 167 Cross with flex plates on it. I am the same size as you, am an all mountain rider and would not want to ride anything different. The Cross is a BX/all mountain board. It was built like a race board (except with a 25 waist) and can be pushed like one. I have used them in everything from BX to Heliboarding in New Zealand. The plates add a lot of stiffness and will make you not want to go any bigger on length. I swear by these boards, they are in my oppinion the best all mountain boards, especially for someone who has a hard boot style of riding.

I have it on a post in the For Sale. You should check it out. seriously, Im not just trying to sell you a board, I think it would fit you perfect.


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