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Boot dryer for us Canadians


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Good old Canadian Tire has this boot dryer on sale for $39.99 this week. I picked up two and couldn't be more pleased with the setup. Three heat settings, one hour timer, long flexible hoses, ozone setting (for disinfecting) and you can easily detach from wall mount to take on the road.


Link: http://www.canadiantire.ca/browse/product_detail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474396673381&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524443294463&bmUID=1163801283188&assortment=primary&fromSearch=true

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I hate Canadian Tire. It's the sort of store where I "just duck in for a minute to pick up x" and come out an hour later with a dozen things and $100 on my credit card. It ranks right up there with Superstore and MEC as places I shouldn't go...

Anyway, I think I'll just duck in for a minute to have a look at these...

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Noma is a company that stamps their name on all kinds of cheap electrical parts. Extension cords, Xmas lights. AFAIK, they don't actually manufacture a thing.

Here's another similar dryer I found at HomeDepot (Canada again). Maybe you'll have better luck finding this one:


Allee: I know exactly what you mean. I went in there today to get a part for my shower door. Didn't find the part but left with two of those dryers, a set of router bits and some saw blades.

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Since this thread got bumped by a 'bot, I may as well continue the fun. I bought the Noma unit linked above. Still working after 5 seasons of use. The 3 options for heat (hi-low-off) are awesome. I dry my boots in a shed to keep my marriage intact, on the high setting it'll keep the insides toasty warm even in -30 weather. The low setting works great when used indoors with moldable liners.

The portable one I take for travel seems to last about a year before the fan motor quits. Luckily they have a one-year warranty so I've only bought one. However, the recent one has lasted two years so far!

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