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In Aspen 12/20 - 12/29


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Ray!

You should see it here- it's dumping!!!!!! I can barely see your house!

Well, maybe I can see a little bit of it.

18" new on the hill, and still more today thru tomorrow afternoon. Roads are horrible.

I might be able to go up on the morning of Dec 21 (thurs), or maybe on Sunday the 24th. That's all I can get away from work. Then from the 25th on I will be with a family on the hill every day. Maybe Tim (the father, and hardbooter) and I can meet up with you guys for a morning before the rest of the family gets on the hill.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone.

Todd, its so good to see you by bumping into you at Nepalese resturant. :) Ill get in touch with you when Im in the area.

Ray, are you still coming to aspen on those dates?

Jim, would you like to get together just to meet up, like over beer and dinner or something? Id like to meet a bit more locals around here. :)

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Hey Ray. That particular sign language interpretter sucks, period. sorry for the difficulty communicating. was wanting to meet you guys to ride out at Aspen/Pitkin county, but Im ill and dont want to pass the cooties to you guys.

I was gonna ask you if youre bringing any Virus boards to Bomber/Fin? Currently, Im using a teammate's Volkl 173. Not bad, but Im open to try other boards. I recall Bomber/Fin once had a board from you for us to demo, correct?

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