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we all forgot that it was Gleb's first full year here on the 11th

he posts allot, soon he will be up there with D-sub, myself and Jack for post count, all in a year no less

perhaps he is gonna challenge for post king posistion?

to get the real highest post count he'd have to get a extra 2000 on D-sub since he re-registered but I think Gleb can do it!

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thanks bob! my one year just passed and its been a great year. Started off with only a pair of crappy mountain dew give-away skis and beat up snoblades as well as some of the heaviest ski boots i've ever held. now I got 3 boards and another pair of skis plus some kick ass boots.

I was going into last season with less than 10 days on the slopes in my life and ended up getting around 23 days just last season. Doesnt sound like much, but its a start.

I planned for my next carving season in may when I started my summer class. Sure it took up 10 weeks of my summer, but if i played my cards right (which i did) I would get the hardest class for my sophmore year out of the way and have classes only 2 days a week. Getting probably 40+ days on the snow this year.

Because of snowboarding, my spending habits, and just plans for the future have completly changed. Needless to say, hardbooting took over my life.

Thank you all for making my first year on plates so awesome. Now, I'm just waiting for this 60 degree weather to go away so I could finally start using at least one of my three season passes.

P.S.: yeah i'm defintly a post whore. Way more at the begining of last season as I am now. I had too much spare time last year.

Here's to another kick ass, injury free season. :biggthump

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Just think, after you graduate you can move out west, ski 100+ days and work as a bartender! Then your whoredom can truly begin!

believe it or not, thats kind of my plan. I hope to move to Tahoe and work as a night pharmacist. They usually work 7 nights straight and then get 7 nights off. So that means a week vacation every other week. 4 and a half more years till that could be possible though.

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my landlord is a pharmiscist and has quite the little empire that she is building. She is not much of a skier/boarder but she works all over the state and has been able to buy houses to rent in multiple ski towns. Keep the dream and live it!!

I think the idea of having a Colorado pass (good at all of the ski areas!) and working in various ski towns sounds pretty awesome! And then when summer happens the mountain biking, dirt biking and other good times start to happen! :biggthump

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