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Another vintage burton asym 5 holer on the bay


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I just assumed the 5 holer lift ( is it a cant, or just a lift ) plate was rare...I 've just never spotted one before...I wouldn't want to look for one...

Very Cool historic stuff though, to the right audience.

Those were called power plates. Both cant and lift built in. The ammount varied based on the angle you ran the plate, and what angle you ran the binding on top of the plate. (I sold all of mine on ebay in the last couple of years...)

The variplates had the opion of cant built in. If i remember correctly you could also run the back binding flat. (I'll have to look, I've got this board sitting in my garage, with variplates, and the original heel lift - which was plastic, not the power plate this guy has on this board.)

Oh, and ya the price is high. The M6's are almost a dime-a-dozen......

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