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How much Gravy falls before it's a Der day?

Rob Stevens

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Man, there is nothing like riding in waist deep der. After a big storm, standing on the top looking down into a bowl of untracked der. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Fresh der. Love it, Live it. JJFluff.

So, how much Der do you people need before you call it a "Der day"?

10... 20... 30cms... More?

Der... I love my new favourite word. Thanks Fluff!

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Gravy? What is this "gravy" you speak of. Here in Aspen we only have champagne. :biggthump

And it really depends. You can get 10 cm and have it blown in properly in places where it's more like 20 or 30. So it really depends on the weather scheme in general. No complaints about 30 or 40 though. Always good times.

Most businesses around here have an 8 inch rule, some a 6. I think 8 is the cutoff for me.

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In Wisconsin, when snow sticks to the roads, its considered a der day. At that time, the hills around here decide not to groom to give everyone a chance to ride the ankle deep der. Problem is, its usually a heavy, wet, der. To the der enthusiast, you'd rather they just groom it. When the der gets really deep (up to your lower shin), on a hill of about 200 vert., its hard to even move. So I just stay home and wait until they groom the der.


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