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So I am looking to buy my first setup...

I was thinking about an Oxygen kr 56 w/ oxygen bindings or should I look at this board & bindings???? (side question - is a 156 to small for me? I am 5'9'' and 150lbs and I ride a Arbor A-frame free ride board that is a 158)

I haven't seen any mention (other than this add) that dakine made plate bindings. Are the ones included any good?

Thanks for the help.

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... not only do you have my ski boots, but we're the same height and weight!

My first board was a 156, but it was a race board and not a softer freecarve setup, so it gave me plenty of schtick when I was learning.

My new Donek Axxess is a 167 and I had no problems with the demo in that length. My favourite groomer board is a longer version of my first one at 162, and even that's getting a little short now... I'd think that if you have a 158 freeride board already, you should be in the mid 160's...

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These bindings look seriously dangerous... Even for a light rider.

Board looks decent, but no one realy knows that brand / specs.

Oxygens are good boards and bindings should be ok too. However, it's a race slalom board. Most of people here agree that something more forgiving is better as first alpine board, like AM carver. Something on softer flexing side with medium SCR. Old Burton Alps are cheap and easy to find, Rossi A series. For more bucs you could get Donek Pilot, or if you wanted to spend more money Axxess and 4WD. Even Burton Ultraprime could do.

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are not too bad

I think PSR was still sporting some of those not all that long ago

I've used them, better than Blax, O2 and some of the other plastic bindings out there

someone here has one of those boards in question look here http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?t=8676&highlight=brooklyn+angelic

perhaps email him and see if he liked it

@ $85 with a new pair of decent plates you really can't go wrong though, just get it and pretend that the board was a freebie

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