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Skwal wannabe queries


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Have been doing some searching for information on Skwalling and not coming up with much, at least in English. :mad:

Wondering what kind of Skwal to start with (I think "Easy Jungle" was supposed to be good starter) and whether I have to use Skwal specific bindings or whether there are any board bindings that would work. I am experienced skier and rather pathetic SB hardbooter.

Anyone know where I can find Skwal stuff that doesn't cost a fortune? Any good sites for technique info?


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Skawls only come up a few times a year on ebay. I belive if you do a world wide search on ebay, there was someone in eastern europe selling them and getting good feedback.

I'm not sure that you would find a skwal easier to carve than an alpine board. The older model I have, would be a bad experience if you didn't fully carve your turns and to carve on it, is very commiting. Even though both feet point "almost" straight forward, there is still a toe and heel side in terms of angulation.

I would guess, if you were carving well on skis, it would work. Otherwise, I would sugest getting the carving concepts down on skis or an alpine board befor commiting to buy a skwal from europe.


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Hi just to add that i found that Voelkl Monocarver 175cm was a good board to begin with.

We also brought a girl, (good skier), in a day she started skwalling alone. We helped her driving skis, and she used the stiks for half day but the day after she bought a board.You have some pics on my site. If you are intrested on her experience i'll invite her on the post,


NB:the polish guy selling skwal is a bit expensive (+/-300euro)....

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I started riding a skwal without ever been on any kind of a snowboard ( only wide stance experience was from wakeboarding) It took some time to get the idea despite of many years on a monoski and a slalom waterski. I started also with Völkl monocarver 175 and that board requires quite a lot of speed before it really carves. Later on I boughta Thias Easy Jungle 165 and I would recommend that as the beginners skwal. I am teaching my kids with that one. You don't need special skwal bindings - standard hard boot bindings ar OK as long as they are narrow enough to fit the board. If you go to skwal from skiing you'll be better off with a parallel setup with the bindings. This setup works best with the narrow waterski stance that skwal requires.

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