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info on 176 Coiler EX


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anybuddy ever ride one of these badboys ?

Big Bob ?

You're a wealth of board knowledge. 176 Coiler EX.

sidewall says: 176 EX22 07KC1 7.3.

7.3 is pretty stiff, right ?

23.2 waist with a 13.2 m SCR

My PureCarve Maverick will prob feel like a noodle compared to this sled.

Nice and wide, like a Sword.

BC, you have piqued my interest. ;)


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I have the same board but only got to try it on a late season slushy day...too stiff. I have been riding the 171 Coiler EX for 1 1/2 seasons and it is way better than any other carve board I've ridden. There is no comparison to the width and edge hold of your EX to the Maverick. No worries about the stiffness. My 171 EX seemed hella-stiff but carved like an old friend from day one. :biggthump

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Jim, I'm a pretty big guy at 6'1" 230 fighting weight. Stiff usually isn't a problem. I think Bruce made the 176 for a 220 pound guy. I do like a softer board for those surfy slidey turns but the Mav is a little too soft. If you're riding yours in Tahoe snow, it should hook up like mad on east coast hard pack. Thanks for the info.

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I am riding Tahoe at 5' 10" and 170#, and the EX never loses an edge. EXs don't like real soft runs. I broke my clavicle on a ultra-soft transition between runs. Glad to have helped.

BTW I picked up a 184 PR II that felt way to stiff but carved insane on my first run. Almost sold it before trying it out.

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