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Accom. and Equipement in BC- Whistler/Fernie/Vancouver

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Hi, I will come to Canada in the middle of january 2007 and I want to stay there for at least 1 month - maybe 2 or 3. I'm now on a round the world trip. I'll need to buy equipement for carving (Silberpfeil F2...). Where around Whistler or Vancouver is a shop to buy boards and shoes... Is there any good Website to search for accommondation - maybe a flat-share? Where is carving better Whistler or Fernie - and how many peoble are there - is it crowded? Waiting Times?

Thanks for your information


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In Vancouver there are no shops carrying any new alpine gear period ( if I am wrong I would love to be proved otherwise) , once in a while some of the sports consignment shops ie sportsjunkies will get the odd piece of used gear in from people clearing the closet.

In whistler you will have minimal problem getting fully blinged it will just cost

Priors shop ( function junction whistler)- boards. he also carries bomber bindings, that takes care of two primary items.

Fanatyko ( whistler village)- boots, they are the last refuge of shops carrying boots, in store selection for sizes might vary, fire them an email first to ensure your size stocked, they get them in from yyzcanuck I believe, Scotty G (an actual hardbooter part time) if still there this winter is a fair hand at fitting/punching/molding hardboots. They also used to carry Cateks , not sure if still doing. I support any actual store that carries alpine gear, especially for things like a boot where fit/fitting is critical. Also Budgie (the parts guy) can bring in raichle/deeluxe parts, it just might take a bit of shipping time.

As to the Fernie I can not comment.

ps: list exactly what you are looking for in boards, boots(size mondo), bindings, there are at least 5 BOL local to vancouver that may have gear or know some one with gear to sell that are not regular to BOL.


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Everything Dave said is true-of course!. You can get everything you need in Whistler, clicky--> http://www.fanatykco.com/default.cfm/nid/144/navid/144/catid/0

but it's not going to be cheap. Boots (deeluxe), bindings (catek, bomber), board (prior) will be around $2000 Canadian. Vancouver city and surrounding area are a total loss for brand new carving gear. Nobody sells it.

Whistler accomodation? ----http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/pique/index.php?cat=C_Classifieds

I also have never been to Fernie.

If you come to Whistler, let us know.:biggthump

Dave R.

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Fernie is a fantastic place to ride but not on pure carving gear like an F2 Silberfeil. The powder and tree-riding is too good to limit yourself to the groomers. There are also a lot of traverses which can be hard on any snowboarder and especially bad on a narrow alpine board. If you fall over in the deep snow, you'll get a workout just trying to extricate yourself.

I rode a Prior 4WD and a Burton Fish with plates and hardboots last year at Fernie.

Good thing about Fernie is lack of crowds. Whistler gets stupid busy on weekends and even weekdays if there is a special event happening.

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thanks for your answers. i'm still searching for accom, i dit not find any accom under 2500 Dollars per month. the season card will cost around 1600 Dollars too - i think it's gonna be an expensive stay. Does anybody knows any good internet adresses for share accommodations?



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