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Got my Donek! Woo Hoo!


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Got four reasons to be happy today, this is one of them :biggthump. Big props to Sean for his patience and guidance, talked to him a couple of times on the phone for 20-30 mins :cool: Called me when it was finished, sent me tracking info when it shipped, very professional and friendly. Only problem is, IT'S STILL FREAKIN RAINING IN THE NW! :mad: Hoping there will be good coverage by xmas vacation. One pleasant surprise: i couldn't decide on a color, kind of limited with the Oly construction. exasperated, I went with the black race print. what I got was a nice teal color that I like even more, and not likely to see another like it. Sometimes the planets align just so, and everything falls into place :D The skinny:

Tip Width Centimeters 24

Waist Width Centimeters 19

Tail Width Centimeters 23.75

Taper Millimeters 2.5

Running Length Centimeters 147

Sidecut Depth Millimeters 24.5

Sidecut Radius Meters 11

Sidecut Setback Centimeters 1.5


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yours looks cooler though. that's probably because it's a full custom from donek.

i just ordered mine through bomber. i got an FCI 171 with the white top sheet (definitely not as sexy looking as yours). main thing that surprised me was how long and skinny it was. the thing goes past my forehead and is only about 4-5cm shorter than I am. I'm not used to having boards going past my lips (nose at most).

as far as weather goes, at least you're getting rain. Last few days has seen clear blue sunny skies with some 90F at the hottest part of the day.

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