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"its a snowboard" decals


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Just thinking about this, I have a freind who makes decals, Thinking abotu having him make up some Carving decals.

For instance,

"these ARE snowboard boots"

"and this is a snowboard"

"carving rules!"

"soft boots SUCK!"

"do you have any NEW stupid questions?"

"its NOT a mono ski"

any other ideas??

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Carve like Madd, ask me how

Seriously, Divebomber, I rarely get trayriders snickering at my gear or making smartass remarks. Most people want to ask me questions about my "race" gear or my "speed" board.

Many on this board carry cards or stickers with them to give out to lead more people to this site.

I kitesurf alot and always get people on the beach asking me silly ("stupid") questions but since I feel I'm an "ambassador" to the sport I always take a little time to inform people. Even when I'm rushing to get on the water.

Years ago I was hanging out at Fort Funston in San francisco watching people hang glide and started to ask questions.I remember getting the brush off from several pilots until one pony tailed american indian hang glider took the time to be nice and direct me to where I could get into it.If it wasn't for that one guy I would've thought that most hang gliders were elitist pricks.

Do ya see where I'm going with this ?

Alpine snowboarding is a little niche sport, in this country anyway. Most people are amazed when we rip arcs under the chair. Some of my "soft boot" buddys give me **** about alpine because they're all about riding in the trees, "soul riding". Go rip up the blue groomers, Big Guy ! I can keep up with most of them in hardboots on a twintip short board in the trees but none of them can carve on boilerplate.Yet, we're all buds.

On one ski board, you get "JONG'D" if you're a Jerk Off New Guy with few posts, regardless if you're a great skiier or not. HERE, on BOL, we're all about informing people that have come here to ask "newbie" questions. Not stupid questions, just "should I buy a $50 Asym" questions.


this thread says alot about BOL and hardbooters. very civil, very chill.

Now lets all go smoke pot on the lifts Yayyy!!!


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"and this is a snowboard"

I rarely run into good riders or skier who don't know what my equipment is. I often get comments in the park and pipe like "I didn't know you could do that on one an alpine board." To which I always reply "why not? It's a snowboard."

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I've have a sticker on both of my decks

" Speed kills... Play it safe... Be a Park Monkey! "

It's only cos' I'm one of the VERY few Alpine Riders in Australia!!:(

Another one popped up as I was writing this

" Speed Kills..... Play it safe....Go grind a rail "

etc etc etc...

No bitterness here.... not that softbooters are knuckle draggers or anything...

(My God what have I become!!!????):eplus2:

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Alpine snowboard = normal snowboard - baggy pants - chain wallet + more speed - no technique + (IQ of small child)^2

The Name is Boot. Hard Boot.

In France, because of the metric system, this is called a Snowboard Royale.

You know you can't carve on that park board silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!

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