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Skateboarders have been one-upped

Jack M

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inline compared to skatboarding is like trying to compare is like a skier to someone on a bike

no one ever tries to compare aerial skiers to snowboardes

different sport, inline should be way ahead of skateboarding in most areas, it's basically freestyle walking

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Thundernerds indeed. :rolleyes:

As far as the triple, that is great, but I am even more impressed with this:


I can't believe that the second guy did the whole rail, but fell getting off.

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I like the skipping :-)

The skateboarding big jump is pretty impressive, but do these guys always have to make such a big deal out of everything?

The Feng Shui of the hill? The 'he is going to die if he doesn't pull off the grind' (which he doesn't and lo and behold he is fine).

Friggin reality TV has made everything the biggest hardest most dangerous; can't they just play the jump, without the hype PR machine?

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