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Foam Bladder Reveiw.


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Got injected conform'able in my SB121 R back in 1994-95 ( sidas is a french company i believe), ( raichle sold the R shells without the liner especially for racers and guys wanting a custom foam liner)

used them lots until i got my northwaves, but still do on freeride boards ( vibram soles).

pros: extreme precision when riding, extreme glove like sensation ( not a single inch of the leg/foot moves inside besides the toes), very good comfort despite stiff foam. Foam is very resistant and does not collapse after lots of days of riding.

cons: leaves few room for the foot and lower leg to increase in size during riding ( blood tends to make tissues get bigger in effort) it means each time you ride hard, you need to release the buckles after each slope when you stop because pressure on foot gets unbearable. A trick to get pass this is to get a foam liner with a thick sock, then wear thinner socks on the slopes.. it will leave precious mm for foot dilatation..

Worthes the price especially when you have special feet that are uncomfy otherwise.

Needs custom footbeds too ( heated..)


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If this foam is so stiff, does it affect ankle articulation significantly? I was thinking about foam injected liners as a possible next step once my liners finally die out, probably at the end of this season. I spent so much time, effort and money on getting the shell right so I would like to hang onto them as much as possible.

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