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Will thermofit liners expand?


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whoa hold on!

he said "stock thermofit" so if youre talking about the stock deeluxe liner, not the "HPT" or whatever...DO NOT put them in the OVEN!

the only part of those that is moldable is the lower part, inside. Pretty sure they should only be molded using heat stacks.

also, I think its only the heel area, not the toes, that molds...

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too small, if you over heat them I can see them shrinking allot

the surefoot guy needs to stick to what he knows and that is footbeds

what does happen is they don't expand as much and get a little less plyable each time

for toe room use a toe cap, this can easily be made out of a couple wool socks

I've had a few pairs and remolded one of them 7 or so times, this set is nearly dead, only had them since '02 :biggthump

the biggest problem with remolding many times is that if you have a low volume foot the liner may not puff up enough to fill in the gaps for a nice tight fit

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