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Oxygen Proton GS 185


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1 - Oxygen Proton GS 185cm >>>> SOLD <<<<<

- 19.5 cm waist

- Sidecut is about 16 M

- I believe that it is a 2000 or so.

This Oxygen is in excellent condition. Only ridden a couple of times. No topsheet scratches. A couple of grindable base scratches. Never had a base structure put on it. The edges will need a quick go-over with a stone. Sat for a little while and have some surface rust. Nothing to worry about though.

Bomber TD1's and Prior are SOLD

I am 6'1" and weigh 220. This board performed well for me in my opinion.

$200 or best offer + shipping. Please email me through BOL. Do not post here. I check my email throughout the day and evening.

If you want to check some feedback on me, my ebay id is q107. I have sold small and large ticket items on ebay and other for about 10 years.


Darren :biggthump




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I was just getting ready to ask about the Prior and how it could be 10cm or so longer than the Oxygen, but then I caught the 2nd pic.

that prior roundtail looks sweet! Id have found it hard to resist if I had seen it when you posted it for sale...

sorry...just chatter.

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