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I dug through some of my older snowboard videos and popped in a Nitro video from 90 - 91. It's funny how the sport has progressed so much since then. Most of the people were team riders for Nitro and rode all disciplines which was really half pipe, GS and SL. One rider brought up bump competitions. Funny but I have NEVER heard of any bump competitions for boarders. Has any one else?

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Ah yes, I remember seeing Steve McNutt on that video, talking up carving, and then showing a fairly rudamentary carving skill. Not long after, I had to own an EFT; standing for earth freedom tranquility, don't ride the board let the board ride you, actually forget about the board.

I think that was the first carving I ever saw....

Where did they come up with this stuff?!

That first season of EFTS, there was symetric alpine carver, that would not look disimilar to the swoard of today. They had some nice kit.

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