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Not a huge sense of urgency here, as I won't be able to afford until next season, but I wanted to begin to commence the drooling. I have casually looked online to see if/where you could purchase Tinklers, but found nothing but pictures of happy owners. It's kind of hard to search all day as I would love to do, because the suits are on the prowl. Could anyone give me an idea so I could start counting my beans and rationing groceries?


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No drooling about this board :1luvu::1luvu:

Just order and pay. You can email Bryan Sutherland through his profile at this forum (www.oldsnowboards.com). When you are about to order, he will contact you with Mike Tinkler. Just phone Mike, because he isn't the guy from the emails. Mike and Bryan are both great guys to talk about the Tinkler boards and the specs you want :biggthump . Don't keep droolin' , just buy it, you won't regret it for a second.

Greets, Hans.

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