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soft binding setup/stance


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Prior ATV 161

Vans Fargo

Burton Cartels w/burton risers (angles: ~36/30 +/- a few degrees on each foot) stance: is around ~21-22 inches.

the bindings need upgrading, although i doubt i'll be touching my softboot setup at all this up coming season.

you should also try using the search function, there are a number of softboot threads.






there's a lot more.

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This season I will be on a 168 Ride Timeless. Back binding angle 45 deg and the front 43 deg. My stance is about 21" on center. Coming from a purely hard boot back ground (with exception to the first 2 - 3 years riding) it is very hard to get away from steep angles. Last year I rode a K2 FatBob with about the same angles. Most people thought I was riding hard bindings because of such steep angles for soft bindings. I would not go to far beyond the 45 deg mark because you will be flexing more against the side of your boot than toe to heel. You might as well be in hard boots then.

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Salomon Burner :flamethro 172, Ride SPi bindings, Salomon F22 boot size 27: 21 inch Reg.stance. 21 deg. front foot 12 deg. back foot

Rossignol ONE :cool: 160, Jearmy Jones Pro binding, Salomon F22 boot size 27: 21.5 inch Reg stance. 21 deg. front foot, 9 deg. back foot.

No problem draging an elbow or the occasional arm pit especially on the Burner. Hey any one else Euro-carve Switch like Terje? :biggthump

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