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got this in the mail


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Tierney Sale

We just found a stack of old decks in storage. We need to make

room for the new boards coming in for the holidays.

These decks are thicker and heavier than the new decks so we

are selling at a discounted price. We can't charge full price for


So if you want /the thrill of snowboarding on pavement/, or if

you want to surprise someone with a unique gift that they'll

actually appreciate, *then now is the time to do it.*


Simply because we want to get people riding the T-Board.

And to make that more possible for a bunch of people, we've cut

a Large Chunk out of the Price.

*We have a very limited amount of the old decks so place your

order now. This offer is only available while supplies last. *


Complete Urethane T-Board: $205.00 reg. + $15 S/H

*Factory Outlet Price: $145.00 shipping included.*

*That's right. We're knocking off $60.00 so that you can


experience the T-Board for yourself (or /better yet/, give the

experience to someone else).*


*Note:* You (or the person you bought it for) have *a Full 30


to ride the T-Board to its limits and see if it really is a


snowboard" or not. If for any reason the T-Board doesn't


blow your mind when it comes to snow-carve simulation, then send


back for a full refund. *No questions asked - and NO RISK on


part. Sound good? *


*Click Here to Order a Complete Urethane T-Board for $145


*(reg. $205.00 + $15 S/H) <#>


*All orders processed by ParaData Systems over a Secure


SSL Server*

If you're not a big fan of Internet purchases, then give us a


at 1-800-504-3075 and we'll sort it all out that way instead.

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He's been selling discounted and "second" boards all year long so I call BS.

My Loaded Pintail is light years ahead of a T-Board in the ditches and on the street.

For strictly downhill though the T-Board is a lot of fun. It actually worked well in the ditches too. If you wanna go 30mph+ and have a rock solid board than this would be the way to go.

Since I got my Loaded board from Darren the T-board hasn't moved from the trunk of my car. I traded my SB325's for a used bamboo pintail and it was well worth it.

Oh yeah and don't even waste your time on the Euro wheels. They are trash. The Indy wheels wear pretty fast too but the Euro's wear down probablly 5 times as fast as the Indy's.

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