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An Observation...


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Who posts something this retarded? you pretty much deserve to die. so do all you fags riding with your hard boots. youre practically skiiers with those. Ohh yeah, and you all suck and your girlfriends are dirty dirty whores.

^better? I learn from the best (www.transworldsnowboarding.com ) ;)

I think it usually reads more like:

LOL who rites sumthing this ghey? u shuld DIE u hardboot skiiers hahaha ooooh yea and u al suk and ur boyfrends r hores hold on brb mom sez diner tiime l8r

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*Observation Fixed*


Sorry--- I have six more weekends here and they are all booked except for the last one- so I will have ONE day to drive to some mountain with my board, snowboard, come back, drop off the rental car, and make it to our good-bye

dinner at 8. Life is tough. On a lighter note- ski team only has five weekends this year :-) which gives me one more than last time, AND I am going to RENO (which is where my Mom now lives) in February. *sigh*

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Reno hardbooters suck ass! Oh wait that would include me, guess I'll have to stay civil too. :D

Tonja, drop me a line when you get in town if you would like someone to show you around Mt. Rose. (and I can get discounted tickets) Great carving crew there, I mean those guys suck!

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@ Jack's post. the lack of teenage idiots certainly helps to keep things somewhat civil. of course we embrace the few teens that are here.

Ironically, it sounds as if forums were resorts, BOL would be Deer Valley.

When I went there I could really see the appeal. It wasn't that there were no snowboarders (though that was a little creepy), it was that there no groups of testosterone stoked kid's. Just made the whole place more relaxed.


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d-sub, in the spirit of this thread, i would give you a big hug if i could. :D :biggthump


We are hardbooters. We aren't gay.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

p.s. Well, some of us are not gay, I am fairly sure D-Sub is in the 'not gay' group, even though he is a musician. :-)

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no one said anything about being gay. where were you when the dude was posting pics of the tandem hardbooters?

re: gay, my track record (of women) speaks for itself. :D

ps do you pay extra for the happy ending massages over there in Thailand? :biggthump

pps dont' see Borat..there's a scene in the movie where he's naked w/ another man. therefore, he must be gay.

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Jerry: Y'know I hear that all the time.

Elaine: Hear what?

Jerry: That I'm gay. People think I'm gay.

Elaine: Yeah, you know people ask me that about you, too.

Jerry: Yeah, 'cuz I'm single, I'm thin and I'm neat.

Elaine: And you get along well with women.

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