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182 Tomahawk

big canuck

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I'm thinking about getting a custom Prior and need to free up some dough. I bought this board in May or June of 06 and have not ridden it.

If you search "Tomahawk" in the search prompt in the classified section there are pictures of the board. (It's the 6th thread down titled "Tomahawk snowboards for sale" authored by Snowden Militia who was the original owner, I think)

I paid $400.00 US + shipping and that's what I'm hoping to get out of it. It does have a couple faint blemishes on the topsheet, so I would'nt call it "perfect" but it is in outstanding shape.

I hope I'm not going to regret this but I've coveted a Prior for a while.

Stored with the same storage wax that came on it when I bought it in the spring.

Email me direct at kurt@bowcycle.com

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get on that thing and see if you wanna give it up!

the prior stuff is good but from what I've been told by people that have ridden Tomahawks they are the next level

I'm not saying keep it, I am however saying just try it and see if you want to dump it, maybe ride it and see if it lives up to what people say about them,

if it does, dump one of your other rides or dump tomahawk knowing what you're giving up

you must have a big quiver by now, so you have allot to compare it with..........

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