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Burton Fire hard boots, size 26


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OK, someone asked on a measurement. The distance from bottom of shell to shell tongue is 23.5 cm. The distance from bottom of inner with a sport sole to the tongue for the inner is 28 cm. Someone asked for pics of the toe and heel, and here they are. The reason they are in good shape is I used them with intec heels. Those were sold to someone else on this forum a while back. So the original, non intec heels are on them now.




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Dear Bomber Carving Community team,

thank you for you response, ans I am suprised that I recieved mail from your team, I thought the mail will going through to admwrlk!!

anyways, I am really want to buy the Boots (perfect fit for me), How can I contact to purchase?

please let me know the purchase information...

and I also would like to know the international purchase method if you have.

I am planning to go to NZ to ride snowboard in soon. to prepare the 07~08 season.

I think the boots right fit for me, however my riding sense should work with the boots if I get it...

thank you again...


please let me know the price of the boots if you want to sale to me..

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Hello, Mark53

your email address is not visible on bomberonline, so replies are coming through them. Check your preferences. If you have a paypal account, perhaps that would work. Otherwise I guess I'm going to need your payment before I send the boots. Sending them to wherever you are may be cost prohibitive, but we can find out. I guess I'll start at my previous asking price of 175 dollars, plus shipping.

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Thank you for you prompt response... I did not expected so fast like this^^

175dollar(US?) price is good...

If you are in the State, I will give you my friend's address and you can send the item to my friend..

and I have few questions to make sure the item's condition and payment receipt before I made purchase.

1. Is it the item condition same as the picture that you advertising on the web -site? any different condition, please let me know.

2. How can I find my payment status?? (For confidence matter, I have seen many time of fraud case through websit in Korea, also world wide...)

regarding this matter, Can I receive a receipt for my payment???

If you don't, my friend will pay to you with his personal check..

I don't want to be a victim...^^


I had a experience for my own fraud case with maidinsports.com..

I had purchase through purchase system that they offered, and my credit card also had made purchsed.. but they said they did not received any purchased order from me...

that is I blowed up more than 300 USD....!!!!

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I'm not sure the best way to do this either. The last time I did it, they buyer sent me a check. I guess your cancelled check serves as your receipt. These boots I owned personally, and I do not have a business selling these sort of items. It might be possible for me to sell them through my business, but you still have the problem of securely giving me your credit card info. I too have concerns about getting cheated, and am afraid the only way to do this is to send the check first. I would then cash the check, and send the boots. I have not yet figured out the price to ship them, so I again would need an address to ship to first, so that I can figure out postage.

By the way, the boots are still in the same condition. They have not been worn since way before the original post last winter, and the photos posted today were taken today.

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Thank you for your considerations...

and I woudl like to say that you will receive address information and check.

regarding this could you tell me, what address should check mailing to...???

for your privacy, why don't we contact and/or mail via personal email?!!!

my personal email address is gamenutz63@hotmail.com..

Please give me your mailing address then I (my friend) will be able to send a check...

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