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Head "Intellifiber" Technology


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They certainly talk it up, whether they're selling tennis rackets, skis, or boards. Has anyone ridden a Head board? Is the technology noticible? If so, why isn't it in any alpine boards?

Just curious...

FWIW I play tennis with head raquets, alot of people hated the "intelligence" racquets.

ALSO, MOST pros that use head sticks, use Older models that are painted to look like new ones,(I have three of those), The biggest one was Agassi.

soooo id say no... Infact i doubt board have improved much tha past 5 years, most companies just have to sell new stuff, and they cant say "yeah its the same as last years"

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I demoed 1 last season-Head inteligence 168 with soft boots.I didn't like it at all in bumps because it gets stiffer as you pressure the edges more. It is fine elsewhere and works real well in chopped powder.It really isn't designed to be ridden in bumps. I thought it had a harsh ride at times. Easy to ride board and well made. Bola had 1 to demo last year maybe he will have 1 this year for demo. I also demoed a Dupraz D1 and ended up buying that board instead.

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