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cool caps

Guest stoked

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gonna get caps (baseball caps) made they are orange and will say

cool rider

on the front side (stitched white)

except for the stoked.at coloring there will be no reference to the website or whatever else on the cap so it will just say cool rider :)

also they are nice ones with a metal clip on the back for fitting so no cheap plastic or velcro

call me cool but those caps are gonna get made ...

since delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks from a professional producer of merchandise for commercial needs I will order no later than monday november 6

so in case anyone of you also wants to put an end to that silly arguing about the coolness of alpine snowboarding just let me know

caps cost 12 euros plus shipping and would get to you by Christmas

as for me I only plan on getting 10 or 20 caps for 'own' use so in case someone wants one I need to know

cheers and cool rides,



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yeah go on and rub salt into the wounds or is that a preorder of the 2007/2008 calendar?

since I decided not to do the stitching myself (again lack of time) caps are a go

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although these caps are made for us uncool alpine riders I don't really think you can possibly look uncool wearing one

anyway I can order an additional 10 caps without trouble so you can decide later Pow I would just ask cool riders #11 to 100 for an advance payment :)

so for you guys and the next 8 who might want one just posting that here will be enough for me to get back to everyone after the caps are delivered to me

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(@ Mike the irish it seems you have a too strict spam filter I just got my reply to your email bounced back)

gonna post a picture of the caps this weekend but don't have many caps left since I didn't order a lot of them but still deciding based on picture this weekend should be soon enough for you Mike although I am afraid they are indeed orange :)

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yep I will post a pic or link to a pic here this weekend and if a lot more should be interested in a cap I can also order a new batch sometime

@ Barry you are confusing me I mean who else than alpine riders are cool riders so this catchphrase came up naturally

anyone doubting that alpine riders are cool is an uncool rider :D

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well in a season like this one so far it is always good to have some fake snow available for professional shoots like this one ... gonna ship tomorrow to some and have to check what's left then but in case you want a cap (snow is not for sale) contact info@stoked.at thanks




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yep unfortunately 3 caps (at least you are in company with Gitti Koeck) were shipped a little later that is on december 27th

while after deciding to send out all caps as a gift free of charge this delay I think is acceptable I am truly sorry about that this delay might also delay fresh snow from falling in your area I didn't think of that, Willy hang in there

2 remaining caps I will give out to users of the stoked.at blog service in the future



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stoked, no worries at all. Worth the wait while looking at Gitti's website.


what a hottie ! :1luvu: any more recent photos that you know of and DO you guys ride with Gitti ? She rips on a sailboard, too. Hootest pro since tart dakides, methinks....

Freestyle: Just as important as alpine boarding. It's somewhat overrated at the moment, however...

Skiing: Good balance to snowboarding and still a good way to get down from the mountains in winter...


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