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Burton Factory Prime 64


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Burton Factory Prime,bought new. I rode about 5 times 3 or 4 years ago, then gave up on it. That's in the midwest, so not like alot of ride anyway. I kept thinking I'd get back to it, but haven't. 1640 mm , 1440 mm running length, 150 mm nose length, 50 mm tail length, 190 mm waist width, 22mm sidecut depth, 11.79 sidecut radius. Blue top, black bottom, symmetric. $250.


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Dubuque, home of Sundown (mountain). Born and raised. Slopes are a little narrow for excellent carving. The short rides are deceiving when riding around here, and then trying to ride out west. Out west I'm generally tired before I can get to the part of the slope that's fun.

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Well Howdy, Neighbor! Over here in CR we know old 'Rundown Mtn' well. I think I'm heading to Chestnut this weekend just for the heck of it, check out the swap meet.

I agree with you about the narrow, short runs. As the season gets close I start working out to regain some stamina and durability. Where do you like to go out west? Anything good planned this season? The CR ski club is going to Big Sky, Montana in early March.

There is a carver here at BOL (ajcannon) that lives in Iowa City. We've been to Sundown carving a couple of times together.

If you are out and about this season maybe we could hit the slopes for a few runs? For the past couple years I've raced recreationally at Sundown Tuesday nights with the Nighthawk league.

All the best,


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