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As a matter of fact I found a local shop in NH called fair play usa sport that I bought something online from for the very reason that I want them to stay in buisness, I was just posting for rj-ps's sake, I also have bought catecks from you for the last two years, to help another us shop, I buy my viruses from bola to support another us shop, oh, btw the guys at fairplayusa@mindspring.com said they would buy any used equipment I have, just a heads up for others.

And how did you know I was a dude?

Cool.. Just checking. I knew you were a dude cuz your names Mike.

And you were asking about a 192

I am from Nashua NH also.. your not Mike Naish are ya? If you are we used to ride Temple and Crotched together. :D

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I spent a few years living in Peterbourgh, and used to go live it up in Keene often. Lots of good riding at Sunapee. Shame about the race program, Temple had a huge program when I was a kid, I was always the token Snowboard ringer, which was great because I was only 17 and raced for the Lodge bar team.. New Castle on Tap and Teq. Slammers for fun. I always had to get a ride home with the Night manager on account of seeing triple... MMMMMM New England Skiing. :biggthump

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