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[SPOILER]MotoGP Championship Results


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Wow. Bummer for Rossi. Hayden's won the championship!! Amazing. He's quite consistent to be on the podium, whether its 1st, 2nd or 3rd, while Rossi's consistent to be on the podium usually on 1st, but some races he wiped out. Wow wow wow wow!!

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Yah, great race today!

Props to Nicky for the championship, Rossi for the great fight, Bayliss for putting the smack down, and Pedrosa for helping the team!

Bummer about Rossi's crash; he and Nicky were the two I was rooting for, and I was sad and glad that he crashed.

Good show by KRJR and his 6th place championship!

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What a great season! It would have been nice if both Rossi and Hayden had kept it rubber-side-down the last two races so that the championship was decided head-to-head. But I can't say I was sad to see Vale sliding on the pavement.

It will be interesting to see what happens next season. All new bikes - it should make for some new contenders and interesting twists. How long before the 800's are making the same lap times as the current bikes?

Are Laguna Seca tickets on sale yet? Something to look forward to after ski season ends. Who is coming to Monterey in 2007?

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