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does anyone ride with their bindings like this?


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whats the slackest any one rides?


The slackest I ride is 63 / 60. But if my feet were any bigger it would be 70 / 67. It just depends how wide your board is and how big your feet are. Lay that phat APX of yours on the floor, loosen your binding screws and clip your boot in. Imagine where your big toe would be inside the boot and rotate the boot / binding assembly until that point is above your toeside edge. Most people ride with their back foot the same as the front, or anywhere between 1 and 5 degrees less. I've also seen a guy riding hardboots with his back foot angled more than his front foot was. Once you start to carve a little lower, you'll probably need to angle a tiny bit more forward. Or maybe you won't. It depends how you ride. If you don't like it, back it off a bit and find something that works for you. The good thing is that with those bindings, you can change your angles without having to actually lift the binding off the board. hope this helps.

Dave R.

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well i just checked, my front is 69 and the rear is 62 or 63, board is 180 wide. its weird, in some ways i want them steeper, but that would be only in perfect conditions with really wide open terrain and no other people around.

But other times i want them slacker when it gets choppy and i have to try not to get hit by other people

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