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Jack M

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Old is new. Brother Rob has been chatting these up here for about a year or so. It looks awesome, and deserving of everyone's respect, but I have questions. It looks like the deck basically locks out the flex of the board, being one rigid beam going between the inserts, no? Also, is it usable on eastern hardpack?

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Straight from the site Jack...

"A noboard is an advanced powder tool made by casting heavy duty thermo set elastomeric polymer to form a knobby surfaced pad that can fit on any snowboard.

It has a rope attached by caribeaners to get you going, and if you're really going crazy, a retractable leash may help you out"

Every time we try to ride with out binders the toss us off the chair. Snow skate Board with trac-top etc.. Still a blast to ride

Fin rides with out pants alot but I bet he needs bindings...

Rob and I where touching on this subject on another post Here is a copy of a response at athe other thread. A new carving tool


2 guys I know have been on the no binding kick for a while.

first cat is Steve O-Hara Steve was on of the pioneers In New England have the honor of being a Burton team Rider from 84-87 then going to barfoot. Steve runs and owns A surf shop in Hampton NH called ....Pioneers. Steve is the premier longboarder in New England and he wins any contest he chooses to enter, He also owns patends on Surf board shaped like snowboards that flex. I have seen photos of him at some of the premeir breaks world wide on the craziest shaped surf boards. He has been riding with out bindings for a decade plus on many homemade creations most do however have a upperdeck and a lower platform. He has shared his board with lots of New england guys on lots of Eastcoast hard pack. I have also seen 10+boards in his work shop covered in surf board Trac-Tops over the lasr decade. He feels a thinner board under a upper platrom is much better on the groomers. I have riden a bunch of his toys and agree.

The other Cat Is Utah, Idaho rider Kevin Hollenbeck. Kevin is one of the countrys Premeir SL skateboard racers, Pool riders. He has been Binding less for 7+ sessions and after being chased out from resorts he has gone to the Back Country with a quiver full of shapes he is devoloping for sale. Many of his shapes are single deck but he has a bunch of Upper- lower decks he has created that kill it on the groom. Full out hip in the snow riding at speed. Crazy lean intill the upper hits the snow.

Although some of Steves early shapes had a rope none of Kevins Do. Neither of them ride with a rope. Just a Strech leash that does not reload.

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Thanks for your interest, guys. When people like you get ahold of it, it becomes more credible. This community is made up of riders who love the turning sensation... hard or soft, so if you find you can get a good turn out of this toy, you'll be hooked, I think.

The pad is just rubber, so it doesn't stiffen the board at all.

I ran various no slip surfaces for awhile, lastly being surf Trac Top. Since getting into deeper snow, I have found the Noboard pad to be the best. The raised surface nips will not clog up with snow and lose grip like the surf pads do. it's kind of like a MX tire in mud. No mud... lots of tread showing. Lots of mud... no tread showing.

The rope does make riding variable snow or hardpack possible in a pinch and some guys I know can do it very well, but it's really designed for full base of support conditions only pow can provide. As soon as you have more unsupported base than not, it wants to sit flat. (bindings please) In fresh cord, it can be alot of fun riding the nose and turning that way, hanging 10 to push the nose into the snow. It's slow but the balance is sketchy so it's kind of challenging. I'm really only interested in the no hands riding, so hardpack freeriding is an emergency only sort of thing.

I do like to use it when I'm with a beginner sometimes, though. I can do basic turns on it and jump off to help. It makes me faster from demonstrating to assisting.

It's kind of cool to get a beginner to do a basic straight run with it on a very mellow, short pitch with a counterslope. If they get nervous, they can step off at walking speed, rather than get hauled down with one or two feet strapped in. I've only used it in the straight running step as it's not much good for any other parts, it seems.

Billy... your no binder friends might be interested in the pad as it does work better than the Trac Top they're using, in deeper snow. Maybe your friend with the shop would consider carrying the product?

20cms last night so me, the lady and the dog are off to the hills for a sesh.

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very interested to try this, actually

the idea of a no insert, no edge board seems fun, too :)

Ive seen some footage of dudes riding surfboards in pow...this would be similiar, and looks a BLAST!

I can see some pretty sketchy situations though...like getting back on if you fall in deep...that sort of thing, but...if given a chance, I would try it!

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I rode in a heli with someone on one of those a couple of years back. I think the guy was "in the business", and he wasn't bad on it. That is, experienced powder riders would lap 'em easily, but he didn't die out there. He also didn't take it out two days running.

I'd like a shot on one myself, although probably you want to save it for somewhere when you're going to have to go slow. Maybe it'd be good for tail-guiding ;-)

On the TWS quote above... he's right, that tricksy stuff was played out by 1989. It's just that they figured out that they can recycle the tricks, change the names, and the kids don't know the difference. A bit like pop music really ;-)

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That clears it up. I figured the thing was basically a powder-only tool. And for that, I'm sure the sensation of the first decent set of linked turns one makes on a Noboard in powder become permanently etched into memory, and make one feel born-again.

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If the snow was deeper than 40cms, I might think twice about bindings vs No.

The terrain would be the clincher... if wild, I'd strap in. If mild (still steep but not too bumpy) I'd No.

It is a hassle falling off in a meter of fresh. I have found it's easier to right myself in the bombhole, though. When we fall strapped in, the board wants to stay up top, keeping you on your side. When the board is buried, it wants to stay that way. I'm sure many of us have had to unstrap and pull it out. The No can be easier. No matter how I fall (except for headfirst, into a treewell) I can get up and going again pretty fast. I have never tried a paddle in on it because I am a horrible surfer. No wait... to be a horrible surfer, I'm pretty sure you'd have to stand up first.

The best turns ever were with CMH (my Wifes employer) last April. 30 to 40cms new, but settled. I went with the intermediate group that day because I didn't want to hold them back. 90% of the day was off the rope, with alot of old growth trees (not much tight stuff). I was never the last back to the pickup.

I'd like to think that the No would be a great way to get back to "out your backdoor" turns, at parks, golf courses or any hill, really. Just no pressure fun.

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Sounds more and more interesting with each post. Some demo time would rock. Of course, demo and easy powder don't tend to go hand in hand. Accessible powder goes quick each day and demo camp off piste would be a challenge to control and regulate. Ah well, one more toy to add to the list of somedays.

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[...] 90% of the day was off the rope, with alot of old growth trees (not much tight stuff). I was never the last back to the pickup.

Hmm, I may have to get one.

Damn, damn, damn: more crap to carry about the world.

I'm thinking it'd be good to learn on the cat (slower pace, shorter runs..) and later I could persuade Mr Wiegele to let me stick one under one of his 212 seats one slow day....

I'm off to google about these, but... the rope is for "snurfer" style stuff, right? Is there a separate leash? I ride with a quiet upper body but I don't much fancy having my hands busy with a rope. I assume you'd use a leash for the board if you rode that way. What kind of boots do you use? I can't see myself in soft snowboard boots, but I guess my plastic mountain boots would work. I'd expect the hard-shell board-boots to be no good as the flex comes from the wrong place...?

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If you work for Mike, his daughter Michelle dates Jonas Guinn, who has some time on the helis with the Noboard. You should hook up with him. It is perfect for stowing under the 212's seat. I threw mine in with the spare poles.

The rope is there, as least for me, to use when the terrain gets heavy... lots of drops, really tight trees or bad snow. The best setup for good conditions is the rope attached to one of those retactable dog leashes. If you fall, you don't want that thing tomahawking around on a 3 foot rope. You fall, it takes off its own way and you haul it back in like a fish on the line. A thought we had awhile back was to have some sort of loop or hook (like a mini windsurfing harness) on your front leg to keep the rope within easy grabbing reach. Depending on how high up you leg you had the hook, or how short you had the rope, it could be tension adjustable, keeping it a little more passively on your feet even if your timing was off (or not if you felt that was cheating).

As for boots, I use some played out Burton Vikings. The forward lean built into the shell has long since given out, which is good. You want to be able to point your toes to keep in contact with the deck. Too much forward lean can have your toes off the deck in a heelside turn.

What is left in the boots is the lateral support. This is a must have for not rolling your ankles if you get bucked to a running get off. Unless you have brand new, aluminum ankles, don't use Sorels or overly soft boots. The side to side support has to be there, in my opinion.


Don't worry about real terrain access to sample it. Any snow covered slope will do for a few laughs and build your desire to do it in a mountain environment.

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That clears it up. I figured the thing was basically a powder-only tool. And for that, I'm sure the sensation of the first decent set of linked turns one makes on a Noboard in powder become permanently etched into memory, and make one feel born-again.

Beauty, Surfy

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Please stop showing pics of the SnoDad... You're killing me! I want that thing so bad! If you ever have a need for $, send me an email... I'm sure we can work something out. I know you've said you never sell things like this once they're in your collection, but PLEASE...???

I really want to come to your Ledgends day too. It looks like a great time from the pics and vids on your site.

As for your board question, the ideal shape should indeed be a fish. Even before that, I would consider weight to be paramount. I have noted before that I use a pre-production Forum "Streetdweller" I got from a friend in R&D. It was a sample from the China factory to give them an idea of its construction. This board came stock with no edges, as its purpose was jibbing and not turning. This sample also came with no inserts for bindings. The overall weight loss was considerable. When riding this board alongside a regular board with all the metal, its ability to stay with your feet is like night and day. There is also the tomahawk factor. It becomes alot lower when you take away the edges.

NB has been given a no edge or insert Fish which should be the ideal ride.

All the above aside, you can still get the no rope idea with a regular board and Streetdwellers are still available from some Forum dealers. The one you can buy would be shorter than the 160 I have (they never produced a 160 for the market), but if you're shorter (5' 10" or under) the store 150 should be fine as you usually set them up with a bit of rear bias. My 160 has as much nose as my 174 Salomon. I am 6' 2" and have never buried the nose on my 160

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks, Bryan.

That site is from around my way, from the looks of it.

The main topic on now is about powder riding...

Post a pic of your SnoDad... they'll spit!

Just back from 5 days at Lake Louise. If I don't get back this year, I will still have had some of my seasons best turns. First line off ER main and first line down Paradise NW.

November has no right being this good!

We are going sledding on Wednesday, so I'll try to get some noboard vids for y'all.

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