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Vancouver Snow Show


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Well, not too many alpine boards and lots of overpriced stuff, but still few good things...

Met Dave* and Dave R and had good chat with them. Dave* bought some stuff, of course! :D

Interesting boards on swap section:

Palmer X Ti 164 - stiff as hell

Palmer X Circle 167 - more forgiving flex

Winterstic Cirque 159 - good bx board but short and old...

Rad-Air Extreme 169 (or 171 ?) - now this was an interesting one, maybe I should have bought it... A bit old school look, looong pointy-rounded nose, upturned (a lot) rounded square tail. 24.8 waist. Decent flex. Surely it would made a good powder board, but I'm set with my 4807.

Anyone's ridden this thing?

All in all, good way to spend morning before snow is here...


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