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New carving tool....

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A snowskate?

Has anyone seen "Draw the Line", this years film from Standard Films(only videos I watch)? One of the extras is about 10 minutes of snowskate footage and shows a rider dragging his hip in a deep heelside carve on a snowskate! His outside hand is on the board so it doesn't fly off. Yes, he rides out of it too.....I'll try to get a screen grab or two of it to post.

I guess it really is about the rider, not the equipement.......

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You should www.noboard.ca

The rope is just to get you going, or if the terrain gets harsh, otherwise, drop it.

If the conditions are right, you can do most of the stuff you'd do on snow with no binders.

As far as hitting jumps and drops goes, it's up to your skill and balls. No rope jumping is the future, for sure.

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the snow skate level is on the rise! I shot some video of this local cat working a race at one of the steepest hills in europe on the world cup! He was killing it with his snow skate on a race prepped surface(read as bullet proof) on a silly pitch I could not beleve the control he had! I love the snowskate!!!

I have a friend who only rides Back country and only rides a snowskate or no board. Its so rad to be hiking down and see the looks on peoples faces when the see his lines and the realize he is carriyng a snowskate.

o-yea willy thats sweet

http://hardbooter.com/gallery/wtc06/DSC3878 Mrs. B making it happen

http://hardbooter.com/gallery/wtc06/DSC3879 yours truley sure the hands on the ground but that skates on edge..

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funny how things come full circle from the snurfer. We used to rip up the golf course hills in high school on homemade planks and old waterskiis.

In 1979, Paul Graves went insane on a snurfer at the Annual Snurfer Contest in Michigan. He did flips, bent down on the board halfway through, and did four sliding 360s. Jake Burton Carpenter entered too, but wanted to compete on one of his boards. There was a huge controversy, but Graves and others fought for his right to compete on his board. That’s the last year Poppen sold Snurfers.

Also in 1979, Graves appeared riding a Snurfer in a LaBatt’s beer commercial. The history of snowboarding has finally begun to include more than just a handful of people. People all over Canada and the northern U.S. saw grave in the commercial and wanted to try it out for themselves.

kinda like a wake skate or a skim board for kiting-looks fun in deep powder. :biggthump remember tom sims in the bond movie A View To A Kill 1985 ?

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I was on the lift at Nakiska last year and there was a kid honking down the slope underneath me on a snowskate, when it just shot out from underneath and yard-saled him. You could hear him hit the hill from overhead, and I still cringe every time I think about it. Ouch.

If you can ride one of those things, you have my undying respect. I value my life too much to try.

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With modern riding style taken back to a more roots approach, with very simple, inexpensive gear, the Noboard lets you do things that the originators would have never believed possible. The kind of turns a pioneer would have been floored to do with bindings or holding a rope are being done (and more) with no hands. Like people who ride down W/C slalom pitches on snowskates, when the noboard gets into the hands of the talented young rider, the effects should be staggering.

I can just see the 30 ft kickflip drop, with no clue the rider was bindingless until he left the ground.

Billy... you have a friend who noboards? Does he ride holding the rope much, or more surf style, using it just as a leash?

Yeah, View to a Kill... I scared the **** out of the people in the theatre in front of me, yelping when Steve? Link made the Russian sled serve him.

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2 guys I know have been on the no binding kick for a while.

first cat is Steve O-Hara Steve was on of the pioneers In New England have the honor of being a Burton team Rider from 84-87 then going to barfoot. Steve runs and owns A surf shop in Hampton NH called ....Pioneers. Steve is the premier longboarder in New England and he wins any contest he chooses to enter, He also owns patends on Surf board shaped like snowboards that flex. I have seen photos of him at some of the premeir breaks world wide on the craziest shaped surf boards. He has been riding with out bindings for a decade plus on many homemade creations most do however have a upperdeck and a lower platform. He has shared his board with lots of New england guys on lots of Eastcoast hard pack. I have also seen 10+boards in his work shop covered in surf board Trac-Tops over the lasr decade. He feels a thinner board under a upper platrom is much better on the groomers. I have riden a bunch of his toys and agree.

The other Cat Is Utah, Idaho rider Kevin Hollenbeck. Kevin is one of the countrys Premeir SL skateboard racers, Pool riders. He has been Binding less for 7+ sessions and after being chased out from resorts he has gone to the Back Country with a quiver full of shapes he is devoloping for sale. Many of his shapes are single deck but he has a bunch of Upper- lower decks he has created that kill it on the groom. Full out hip in the snow riding at speed. Crazy lean intill the upper hits the snow.

Although some of Steves early shapes had a rope none of Kevins Do. Neither of them ride with a rope. Just a Strech leash that does not reload.

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