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3D disks for Proflex Freecarve (same as F2???)


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Hi Peter:

Most F2/Proflex plate bindings disks are interchangeable. All models (that I know of) have a rubber gasket on the binding that grips a smooth disk. There aren't any teeth, so angles are very adjustable. The only exception is the mostly plastic "Freecarve" and "Intec Challenge" models, which have a plastic toothed disk.


If you are looking for toothed disks, you may get lucky with another brand being reasonably close. I never found one, but I also didn't try that hard. I can tell you the Burtons, K2s and Salomons didn't work.

If you are looking for "press fit" disks that work with most bindings, good luck. They used to exist, but are now rarer than hen's teeth. I had a pair custom machined out of Delrin for about $50.


Good Luck!

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Peter, do your disks have "teeth" or are they smooth? I'm nearly certain the freecarves used a disk with 3 degree teeth, similar to most plastic softboot bindings. Unfortunately, the diameter of the Proflex disks didn't match up with any other manufacturers I could find...

If you have smooth disks, I'd be happy to try to dig up the name of the machinist I used. I'd even modify my design slightly. "Version 1.0" was a beta and could be refined a bit...


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