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Jack M

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So since I am my parent's technology consultant :rolleyes: I have been charged with selecting a projector for them. I don't know much about projectors. Their budget is $1000.

I've narrowed it down to this Epson:


and this Infocus:


The Epson is LCD, and the Infocus is DLP. Both are 480p. I know, would be nice to get 720p or 576p, but that seems to be out of the budget. So far I think the Epson is the right choice, but let me know if I am overlooking something.

Points in favor of the Epson:


<li>1200 vs. 900 lumens - my dad wants to be able to watch golf during the day (curtains drawn is ok), and they don't want to have to watch movies at night with no lights on. However I'm told there's no industry standard for measuring lumens and manufactures use differing methods, so it's kind of incomparable.

<li>LCD - cheaper bulb replacement.

<li>Short throw lens - would be convenient.

<li>Comes with 80" screen.


Points in favor of the Infocus:


<li>2000:1 contrast ratio (vs 1000:1)

<li>does not come with screen, means this is truly $1000 worth of projector. (right?)


Or am I being a big dummy? (this time, not in general!)

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I think you'll find contrast ratio is as/more important than lumens. Have you looked at Costco? When I had to buy one for work last year that was where I found the best deal. Costco Projectors page link. They have a few in your price range. Some with and some w/out screens. Also, some places charge a lot to ship screens (I don't think Costco does), so be careful of that before ordering.

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I spotted this on the BestBuy site. It looks like 720p at just under a grand (but screen would be extra).


I was going to recommend something from HP, but it looks like we are not offering them anymore. Before you commit, check out the cost of replacement lamps.

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