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cheap bindings


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Of all the items that are critical in your set up the interface between boot and board is probably the place NOT to go cheap. Just an opinion but a binding failure can cost a lot more then the money saved!

I mean isn't that why we are chatting on the Bomber site in the first place? Bomber (and Catek) are the reason why we are not riding around on flimsy plastic bindings anymore.

Just a suggestion, but, try to find a decent set of used Bombers and try a second board kit. This might be a financially (and health conscious) way to save money and ride two setups with minimum cost and fiddling. Good Luck.

I think "cheap" means price here, not quality. You can get cheap bindings like TD1's that are very bombproof...

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Altough I'm now a Bomber TD2 rider, my proposal to f_coulombe was an inexpensive way ( and secure ) for someone who wants to convert to hardbooting. In Canada, Bomber TD2 sells for $400 cdn + Tx + shipping at YYZCanuck or Prior website. My offer for a Head Stealth DNA is $100 cdn, less than 1/4 of cost of TD2. As a matter of fact, less than a 2nd board kit alone ( in $ cdn ) . I rode those bindings less than 2 seasons. Head still sells them ( www.uspj.co.jp/ ) in Japan for 37,800 yens or $367 cdn / $ 327 Us. Not as popular as F2 but still not a flimsy plastic binding from the '80s.


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If you want snowpro race binding, which is same one as up on ebay (look up the link from carve2carve's reply), let me know.

I have NIB snowpro race binding (never ridden, never seen snow), and I can give you cheaper price than ebay.

well,, I have too many bindings in my storage right now,,,

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