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3 strap soft boot bindings?

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I started riding 18 years ago and the first setup I bought was hard boots on a free ride board. After developing a mean looking lump on my inside ankle bone (the round bit that you see sticking out when you look down between you heels) and subsequent calcification of this beast, I was forced to soft boots, but didn't want to stop carving.

I bought a Burton soft boot/binding combo that I loved. It was from memory a binding called Torque and a solid softboot that I can't remember the name of. The key to what I liked about this setup was the 3 strap binding. The top strap (3rd strap) around the lower shin when combined with a locked down highback allowed for much carving on my freeride board. I could also smash up deep powder. It also provided a solid support base to reduce fatigue during long days on old ankles. I loved this setup. I found it a great all mountain/all style compromise setup. It did everything well, while admittedly not surpassing the purpose made setups in their own worlds. However after many years of service the gear is trashed.

I can't find any good 3 strap binding/stiff softboot combo out there in the current market. Anyone know of some gear that would meet my wants?

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