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Deluxe Indys and Fitting Issue


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Here’s my deal: I have been ridding Indys for last four years. The stiffness and flex works well for me; however, I have developed two bone spurs on the outside of my back foot, and cannot go through another season experiencing this issue. The spurs are caused from the buckle rivets rubbing outside of the foot as mentioned above.

Last year I invested in some custom foot beds to take up the extra space in my packed out original liners, which seemed to help, but did not completely solve the problem. This year I am considering thermo liners or possibly changing to the Stratos Pro.

I would rather make the Indy’s last a couple more seasons, or until Deluxe changes the buckle system on this boot---like the new Tracker. Please give me your ideas, and experiences in dealing with this type of issue. Thanks. GC

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ouch!!! That pic just hurts. I will get the same thing going if I ride with my boots sloppy, so long as my heal stays locked I'm ok.

I tried to have the boot punched out, but since the issue is caused by the buckel rivits, the boot fitters a Footloose in Mammoth said it wouldn't work.

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just have the bone spur removed... my mom has had 2 of them removed (one on each foot).

women get bone spurs and foot problems in general because of all the crazy/unconfortable/impractical shoes that they wear. even crazier is the fact that they'll spend $150 and upwards for these ill fitting heels that cause them all these problems. even crazier than that, well, go to vegas, you get to see all the hot clubbin girls walking around barefoot with shoes in hand late at night (or should i say early morning).

in any case, after my mom had them removed, she was walking completely normal within the month and back on heels (haha, like you'll be back in HBs) in 2-3 months.

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I have a similar spur to the one in the pic.

Again, cuased by two big boots and bad fit; get rid of the movement, and the spur is stablised.

however on the side it is a different issue. If the rivets are htting your foot, means that the boot fitter can either use shims to spread pressure point, OR the boot is too small.

Perhaps the rivets could be drilled out, and you change the attachment for the buckle clip to be a flat head screw or similar with the nut on the outside instead. Or maybe, the buckle can be repositioned.

It may also help if you reduce the angle of your back foot; if your feet are almost parallel, that may be causing your heel to want to push outwards; with a say 7 degree difference between front and back foot, that may reduce the outwards heel pressure. Also, worth playing around with new cant to reduce pressure as well.

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