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Who are you on E-BAY ?


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snowboarddaddy. MikeT was taken and I wasn't feeling too creative - my wife is snowboardmommy which is also her company name (www.snowboardmommy.com)

Yeah, I'm one of those A$$holes who puts opening bids on decks and boots all the time. I don't really expect to win, but I would love to build a demo quiver for newbies to try out at OES :biggthump

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sorry sherlock but the first one isnt me, never was

2nd isnt either. I changed my username to Studio_Xchange some time ago, but it was Influx1 before that. Since I changed it, appears as though someone else might have signed up using that name. Looks kinda fishy actually.

and you? not that it matters really, but...how many ebay names do you have?

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why in the world would anyone want it secret? bryan...I think you watch too many spy movies.

me...I want people to know who I am. Ups the chances that they might buy something from me, although my link to BOL is slim as far as selling goes.

Im asking about your multiple IDs because I wonder if I should set up a "sporting goods only" one for my board and sometimes golf stuff and keep the pro audio separate.

probably doesnt matter. maybe I read a few spy novels myself

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