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It's snowing !!!


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New York area gets 2 feet of snow.

Colorado has several resorts open already (A Basin and loveland).

You're getting snow out there in Canada.

You know what i get?? I get 90F+ (32C??) weather over by my house during the hottest part of the day today... :angryfire :angryfire

Where's this el nino kid anyway? Did he see an ice cream truck on the way here and decide to delay the trip??

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No appointment for me, I do it myself... at my father's house, no place to store them in my small (minuscule) Plateau appartment. I'm usually checkin meteomedia and waiting for the day before a snow forecast to put them on. And I only did 2500 km on my bike this year, less than the 3500 km of last year.

But I have to say, I am stoked for the upcoming season, especially if can have a miny QES with Dave and Sharks at Mont-Blanc and a QES warmup at St-Bruno (every year, they have a free day for charity - December 18th this year).

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I was up a tremblant this past tuesday with my students to hike and there was some accumulation of snow at the top. Nothing big a few small patches but it's has to start somwhere ! Made my day !

I got my pass at St-sauveur / Avila this year again, 35 min from my house and there is quite a bit of carvers. On Tuesday nights last year we were 7-8 riding together.

I'll definitaly add up the 18th to my calendar and will try to make it to st-bruno for a good cause. At least this year I know in advance.

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Hey Fred,

Compte sur moi pour y être !

I was maybe planning on buying a evening season pass at St-Bruno. Never been there, but since it's only a few miles from home, could you tell me if it's worth buying the pass for a few rides on week nights ?

The grooming is quite good, but the hill is quite, quite small (100m?). A couple of turns and you are at the bottom. The inclination of the slopes is good. The crowds are usually medium on week evenings, lots of kids. I've never been there in the day or on a weekend. The tickets are not expensive, so in essence, compare between an evening ticket and a pass and see how many times you have to go for the pass to be worth it.

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