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Looking for Highbacks


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Hey all.

OK So I know this might not be the perfect forum in which to post an ad looking for highbacks but I know there are some closet softboot riders here and a lot of gear junkies! (Who? Me?!)

So, I have a project in mind and I would love to find some old Burton CFX or Si-X (Step-in) Highbacks. Maybe somebody's got some that have the forward lean slot stripped out or even ripped out. (I've known more than one to be eaten by a low chairlift) Doesn't matter, I can use 'em anyway. Heck, they don't even need to match.

So if you have a minute to rummage through the closet, looking under the forgotten Performance plates and Asyms I'd appreciate it.



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Did the 3 strap thing back in the day. I like a little more movement in my strap bindings. I actually ride Flows (when I ride softboots) but the highbacks are terrible! Totally wrong shape as I'm sure many of you know/have heard. So I think I can modify a CFX highback to work. I have already modified the highback by installing a wedge on the back but I'd like to try something that I know fits my leg well.

Now that I've spilled the beans, I'm sure I'll receive a dozen responses as to why it won't work. But I'm a bit of a tinkerer and I'm fairly convinced I can do this.

I'm also certain I'll hear from folks in support of the K2 Cinch binding. Yes, it looks good but I think I'll stay with the Flows for right now. Plus I like the added support from the single top strap.

My real goal is to get a set of Cateks and put Flow straps on those . Now that would be a pimp binding! Hmmmm....I think it'll be ...a FLOW-TEK!

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on to something with both projects

thats one of my main complaints with flows is the highback is not to my liking

this could have changed in the last couple years but the old ones sucked

the cateks would benefit from a burly strap like the high end flows have

even with burton P1HD straps or nidecker straps the freeride performs MUCH better

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I have a feeling the "Flow-Tek" Binding may be a ways off yet. Especially if I can't get hold of any decent highbacks. I rode the CFX/SI-X highback for a couple of years and the flex, height and shape seemed right on for me.

I did check out this season's Flows and the highback design has been improved. Maybe I should just get a new pair. :D

My tweaking of the Flow highback has helped a lot. I should post a pic here someday. Let others who ride Flows see if it would work for them.

So, for anyone reading this.....still looking.

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