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i Started in the hardboot world last year after 10 years of being a softbooter, i started late in the season, after having difficulty locating where to actually get equpment, but the with the aide of a friend of mine up in vermont, i got a pair of Suzukas, some catek bindings, and a rad air tanker crown. i'm not it this for serious racing yet, but i wanted to make the switch from softboots and bindings which i thought gave me inferior control.

long story short, since i bought late in the season, i ended up with the last pair of suzukas in the store, and while they seemed right when i tried them on, they ended up being to big, so i rode them for the rest of the season, about 15 days, and decided to sell them. so for starters, i have an essentially brand new pair of susukas size 29 for sale.

now i have the problem of replacing the boots for this season, and i have to choose between the suzukas again or the new track 325 Ts. i gathered from other posts that they are of similar stiffness, and material. i like the buckles on the track series more because of the ease of use and durability, but, the track doesn't have the carve asymetrical flex.

so i was wondering how big a difference the asymetrical flex makes, and whether there are additional features/problems with either boot that will make a noticeable difference?

Alex Bakker

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