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Thinking about a slalom board


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I've been thinking about picking up a slalom board for this winter. I'm currently riding a Donek Axis 177.

I love that board to death but would like to try something different. The hill I ride at is kind of narrow and about

1000 verticle ft so something turny seems like it would be fun. I kind of have my eye on the Volkl RT SL.

Do you think the 163cm would be ok for someone 6'3" and 250lbs? Any opinions on how that board rides?

Any suggestions on similar boards from other builders? Thanks


Live Sex

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FP 164 really cheap. I am 5'7" and 160lbs and I am looking for a stubby freecarve board. I rode this 164 4 or 5 times is all. I have Rennstall in Park City tune my race skis, so I had them stone base grind and tune the board because they seem to know all the magic. I need to put it on classifieds, I guess.

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I think you'll be really pleasantly surprised with the 163RT. I'm 5'10" 200lbs. I'm often surprised at how well it holds an edge and how smooth it is at speed, especially for such a short board. There are 5 of us in our weekend warrior race league who ride RTs in one size or another for SL. I've had that board up over 60mph with no chatter or slop.

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I agree with BobD, give some serious thought to going custom.

As you are already riding a Donek why not give Sean a call and get his opinion? Also there are quite a few of us "big" guys on Bomber. Throw a wanted ad in the classifieds and see if anyone has anything for you.

good luck!

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