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Steep and Cheap - 5pm 10/18 - Red Audex helmets $78


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got one the first time around. the headphones are quality and as much as i want to boycott burton they really put out some great stuff. This helmet is like $250 retail, bluetooth cell phone hookup and I'll bet you can run XM or sirius right into the dome.get one http://www.steepandcheap.com/

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For those of you who like SAC, check out www.sacattack.com

Sign up and you'll get an email each time there's a new item posted on SAC. Also the web site tells you how many of something are left and even tries to predict how long it will last.

Dead link?

Did anyone see how to get the headphone accessory to go with this?

What a killer deal this was!!!

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Guest shrederjen

No, ill be retiring my old helmet with the free airline headphones in em, though!

Can't retire the jumpseat for another 5-10 years....

But, I will be up THERE as much as possible!!

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Great buy! Wish mine was black , not gray, however no biggy.

Yep, I have been playing with it for a couple days. Very cool. My old, REALLY OLD helmet is getting fairly skanky. I had cut and placed old headphones in it years ago. However the wire was a bit of a pain and those on the chair lift with me have been complaining about their loss of hearing!!!

I have tried allot of different options. Used "Ear Buds" , but they can block your hearing and tend to make my ears sore after 4 or 5 hours.

This set up is a little heavy , but very slick , especially for the price!!

Thanks again Willy. Mission accomplished.

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