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This maybe taking it too far -- 4th of July possiblities

C5 Golfer

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I think you should get one. If you have the room and the money, why the hell not. Living in NJ, it would be tough to find the room to blast a round off but I'm sure living in Washington you should be allright. I would say go for a much bigger model, maybe a 5000 caliber. Point it towards NJ and rip a few rounds off. Hopefully with the proper load, a couple rounds will land at the bottom of my local ski slope and indent the earth an extra 3 or 4 hundred feet. That would add a little more vert to the hill.

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Jeez Al, I figured the Golf Ball Cannon was more your speed?!?!?!?!?!?!

Art, Phunny you should mention that.. I was just talking with a friend of mine who lives on Echo Falls course and we thought we could have a golf ball cannon on hole 4 or 6 -- the Par 5s and see if we could land on the green from the T box. Neighbors may complain but we know most of them and maybe they wouldn't be too pissed off when the thing launched specially if we let them light the fuse.

Anyway see you at Crystal soon I hope... I know you want to ride my 178 Volkl and or my 178 Hot Blast.. what binding are you using TD1 or 2, and can you ride a 21 inch stance? I have 3° plates so it would be easy to just switch the top out and leave my plates. I can mount TD1 or 2s.

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