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Elan Ballistic 155 & Wild Duck 161


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That Wild Duck is a "swap 61". I bought the same board here on a reccomendation from Chris H. I just needed a cheap pow/rock board after I smashed my white walled Madd in a chute (yah, I know...) I'd heard J R designed boards were good, but...

I had no idea HOW GOOD! It sure is a great pow ride but I'll never waste it earlier season. It's got a decent stiffness to it. I'm 195 lbs and I can load it without going over the handle bars. I don't hard carve it- got plenty quiver for that. But it would be a good one board quiver ride. In addition to pow it likes chopped, slushed and bumped. It even goes half-pipe without scaring the bejeezus out of me.

I bought it as a disposable rock/kite shoulder season board but it's earned too much respect for any of those things. It's the first round-tail board I've bought in over 15 years, but I'm tempted to buy this one just as a back-up!

As I recall the waist is about 20.5 and sidecut probably 9.5-10.5?

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These boards are VERY popular 10 years later in Europe - I can't believe nobody has grabbed this one! Here come the flames, but these boards are far superior in performance and longevity than Burton, Nidecker or F2, this is a bargain! The Knifer is still around sometimes on eBay.de, a good partner for this board.

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