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F2 Respekt 176 cm Free Ride BIG MOUNTAIN Snowboard


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Lots of these around lately for cheap...

Does anyone have on-snow experience with this board? Are they stiff enough to rail turns with plates if asked?

Just for jibbing or perhaps a poor man's supermodel?

side cut is supposed to be 9.5....


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The F2 Respect Snowboard. Prepare to ride the Verbier Extreme Contest! Or take couloires and backcountry chutes in the fall line. Or, maybe even better, surf effortlessly your favourite lines in virgin powder and, if necessary, rip on groomed or icy hardpack.

Key Features of the F2 Respect 176cm Snowboard:

Twinflex Tail: Ultimate control in fast turns

10? Centerwalls: Perfect balance of dampening and rebound

V30 Quadraxial Glass: Precise Boardfeeling for powerful rides

<table border="2" width="300"><tbody><tr> <td>Sidecut(m)</td> <td>Eff.edge(cm)</td> <td>Waist(cm)</td> <td>Setback(cm)</td> </tr><tr> <td>9.5/8.5</td> <td>141.0</td> <td>25.8</td> <td>2.5</td></tr></tbody></table>

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