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Any XM users here

Bobby Buggs

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You'll have a tough time depending on which side of the hill you're on. If you're on the north side, forget it. If you're on the south side, should be good. East and West will depend on how much of the hill blocks the look angle to the birds. Also if you're in the trees, you can have problems again.

I've never used the portables myself, although we have a few of them here in the lab hardwired to antennas. I have heard the internal antennas don't work so well, many people are using the earphone/antenna combination sold by Belkin. A good source of information from the end user perspective is www.xmfan.com.

If you get one of the newer portables like the Inno, you can record up to 5 hours of music off a number of channels. So you could set it up to record the night before, then listen to it all day on the hill without needing to see the satellites. I believe they can also hold downloaded music.

I've been working on the XM uplink now for a few years, so if you have any other questions I can probably answer them.

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This will be my third year rocking XM in the lid.

It worked great with the delphi myfi because it had a little lipstick antenna that I could slide into my goggle strap. It worked just about every where in the US. There where only a few times The signal was blocked, Obviously line of site issues, Trees step canyon etc...

I did however go through 3 Delphi units at 50 bones each replacement via best buy. I now have the Inno unit and I wish It had some of the features the delphi had. Mostly is the lack of a usable FM modulator. The Inno claims to have one but it only works when plugged into the optional and 75 dollar extra car kit. Which was included with the Delphi. Also you could just have the Delphi unit and broadcast to radios within 1/4 mile of you. It was great for team road trips.. 4 cars on 1 comedy channel.

The new inno needs the unit to be out side your jacket, for reception. Altough You can also down load MP3s on the inno I no longer listen to "live" XM in portable mode. The Inno has much more storage space so I just record and erase XM channels I like. The Bummer was I could get live news and sports befor but not now.... Also the battery last 3-4 TIMES as long in reply VS live XM.

It is how ever great with Both receivers have Docks in the car and in the house. All I have to do is Move the player.

I also rigged a helmet with the Car antenna which worked whell and only ran about 25 bucks for the antenna but I need to carry the Docking station with me because there is not a way to connect it directly to the player and while riding on my motorcycle or snowboard they tend to sepperate unless rubberbanded together.

I also find my self riding with my MP3 player alot more then my Sat just because it is smaller and has no ads.

The Sat is still bad ass if you can afford it. It cost me about a grand to purchase-"maintain-replace" hardware and get a four year plan plus stations for the car and house. I had to sell two race boards to pay for it....I sure miss my boards but I get Music anywhere in the US..They dont work out of the country..

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They dont work out of the country..
They work fine in most of Canada and much of northern Mexico. There's a seperate Canadian service but the radios don't care - if you have a US subscription (as I do, mine is grey market before the Canadian service), it works fine. You have to go pretty far north before they absolutely will not work and even then it's not out of the question. I've heard of some people getting them to work in Alaska, depending on location/elevation. They won't work outside of North America. If you're in Europe or Africa you can look at Worldspace but the receivers aren't nearly so slick.
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